Monday, 12 September 2016

Colour Palette #30 - Harvest Time Field

Colour Palette No.30 Harvest Time Field - Hazel Fisher Creations
A few weeks ago it was harvest time for the rapeseed crop near my house.  I was disappointed to miss seeing the harvest last year when I had the flu, so when I heard the combine harvester out in the field this year I had to go and take some photos!  There were some interesting colours and textures to capture.  I also spotted a male pheasant in the field!

Harvest Time Photography by Hazel Fisher Creations

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Back to School Round Up

Back to School round up - DIY projects for Back to School stationery on Hazel Fisher CreationsI hope you've enjoyed the DIY decorated stationery posts I have been sharing this week - have you tried any of them yet?  Today I thought I would share a quick round up of all my Back to School projects, you'll also see that I've also been collecting other ideas over on Pinterest!

Click on the links below to find tutorials for:
If you're looking for more back to school inspiration, check out my Pinterest board - I've been collecting more DIY ideas as well as stationery I love, ideas for organising your desk, planners and you'll also find some gift ideas for teachers on there too!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

DIY Decorated Pegs and Binder Clips

Decorated peg and binder clips DIY craft tutorial by Hazel Fisher CreationsAfter decorating my pencils, I thought I would continue with the pretty stationery theme and decorate some pegs and binder clips too!  I use these all the time - to hang things on the line above my desk, organise papers and keep hold of notes.

For this project I used the following materials:
wooden clothes pegs
binder clips
washi tape
small pieces of scrapbooking papers
Mod Podge (matte)
craft knife and ruler

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Decorated peg and binder clips DIY craft tutorial by Hazel Fisher CreationsA really quick way to decorate the wooden pegs is to use washi tape.  The tape is slightly wider than the pegs though and I found that it didn't stick so well down the sides of the pegs. You could either trim away the excess tape with a craft knife or use a little Mod Podge (or pva glue) to help it stick (which is what I did).

My favourite way to decorate wooden pegs though is with patterned scrapbooking paper as I think this gives a neater finish...
First measure the width of your peg and cut a strip of paper to size with a craft knife and ruler.
Next, measure and cut two pieces from your strip - for the top and bottom sections of the peg either side of the wire.
Glue these to your peg with Mod Podge and brush on a top coat of Mod Podge to seal.
Once this is dry you can repeat for the other side of the peg.
Decorated peg and binder clips DIY craft tutorial by Hazel Fisher Creations
For the binder clips I just cut pieces of washi tape to cover the backs of the clips...

Decorated peg and binder clips DIY craft tutorial by Hazel Fisher Creations
I hope that you enjoyed this project and have been inspired to decorate your own stationery!  I would love to see what you make - use #myhfcmakes when you share photos of your projects!

Monday, 5 September 2016

3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils

The start of September means it's back to school time again!  It's been a few years since I was last a student, but September still always feels like a time for fresh starts and new things.  My favourite part of going back to school after the long summer break was getting new stationery.  With this in mind, I've come up with some DIY projects for you to try - whether you're a student heading back to class, have children going back to school or, like me, just want an excuse for new stationery!  You can never have too much stationery - right?!
Today I'll show you 3 techniques for turning plain, boring pencils into something prettier.

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3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils - back to school diy stationery project, Hazel Fisher Creations

Materials used:
paint (tester paint pots, or acrylics)
washi tape
Mod Podge
tissue paper

I bought these plain wood pencils with erasers for a bargain price of 12 for £1 from The Works - I wasn't expecting too much for this price, but they're actually really nice and good to draw with too!
The paint pots are another bargain buy which I've had for years.  You only need a little paint for this project so try out what ever you have at home - acrylic paints should also work well, something which drys fairly quickly is best.

3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils - back to school diy stationery project, Hazel Fisher Creations
Technique number 1 for decorating the pencils is with paint - you could paint a solid colour, or patterns. For neat bands of colour (see yellow painted pencil below) I used washi tape to mask straight lines on the pencil.

3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils - back to school diy stationery project; paint and washi tape. Hazel Fisher Creations
I've combined 2 techniques on these pencils - once the paint dried I added some pretty washi tape.  On some pencils I wrapped a small piece around the pencil, which gives a narrow band of pattern. For a neat finish, make sure the edges of the tape line up!

Alternatively, you can stick the tape along the pencil lengthwise...
You'll need two pieces to wrap all the way around the pencil - use the first piece as a guide to cut the second exactly the same length.
I used a combination of Steampunk washi tape and gold paint on the pencil below.  You can also skip out the painting step and just use washi tape to completely cover the pencil (like I did for the spotty patterned pencil in the top image).

3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils - back to school diy stationery project; washi tape. Hazel Fisher Creations
My third technique uses Mod Podge and tissue paper.  Cut a piece of tissue paper large enough to wrap around the pencil and slightly longer than the pencil.  I used a craft knife and ruler to cut a neat, straight edge on the paper.
Next, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the paper and wrap around the pencil - start with one edge and smooth around the pencil.  I then brushed a coat of Mod Podge on top to seal the paper.
Once this is dry you can use a craft knife to carefully trim away the excess paper.

3 Techniques to Decorate Pencils - back to school diy stationery project; Mod Podge and tissue paper. Hazel Fisher Creations
These are all really quick and simple ways to decorate pencils for your own pencil case, but you could also make some to give as favours at parties - they could even be coordinated to match the colours of your event!
3 ways to decorate pencils by Hazel Fisher Creations
If you try these projects for yourself I would love to see what you make - use #myhfcmakes when you share photos of your pencils!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Thortful - A New Place to Buy My Greeting Cards!

I'm always on the look out for new opportunities to sell my artwork and I recently came across Thortful - a UK based company which produces high quality greeting cards designed by their community of designers, illustrators and  photographers.  You can now find a small selection of my designs on Thortful and I will be adding more soon!
My card designs on Thortful Hazel Fisher CreationsAll cards from Thortful are printed in the UK on premium quality A5 paper and sent 1st class - if you order by 2pm they are posted the same day!  You can also personalise cards with a message, which is printed inside the card.
If you are super organised you can even start buying your Christmas cards now - I've added these 4 Christmas card designs so far...
My Christmas card designs on Thortful Hazel Fisher CreationsGet 50% off your first card with this code: MMXQFF9S

This week Thortful are also offering a 20% discount off every card - so it's a great time to try out one of my designs (or anyone elses!).  Just use code AUGUST20 at checkout.  The offer ends Friday 26th August.

My Christmas card designs on Thortful Hazel Fisher Creations

Monday, 1 August 2016

A Look Back At New Designs in July

July was a busy month for me, working on new designs and products.  Unfortunately I'm not able to share all of them with you yet, but I do have plenty which you can see!

First up, here's a look at my latest set of printables from my Etsy shop - it's a fun collection inspired by the Wheels on the Bus song (yes, I did end up with the song stuck in my head while making these!). Designs from this set were initially created after a customer request and they are a spin off from my London Calling range, which features a red London bus. So far I have an invitation, birthday bunting banner, name place cards, cupcake toppers and party hats - more items will be added soon. A scaled down version of one of the hats is being modelled by one of my guinea pigs in the image below - the full size ones are 6 inches tall.

Wheels on the Bus printable party designs hfcSupplies Etsy, Hazel Fisher Creations
I have also added many new designs to my Spoonflower shop, which are available on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.  Some of the new designs are different colour ways or scales of existing designs and some are completely new.  My personal favourites are the 'Scattered Feathers and Arrows' and 'Seahorses in Teal' designs.

Spoonflower fabric designs, Hazel Fisher Creations
'Patchwork Bees Coordinates' is another new one - this has 4 coordinating designs on 1 yard of fabric; patchwork bees, floral, spotty and chevron patterns.  Coordinates designs are great if you're making something like a quilt and want several different designs in one project!  If you purchase a smaller piece of this design (a test swatch or fat quarter) you will receive just the floral pattern from the 4 coordinates.

Spoonflower fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap designs Hazel Fisher Creations
Finally, here is a look at some of the new designs and products I have been adding to my Society6 shop. The colourful butterflies design in now available on a wide range of products like tote bags, phone cases, clothing and home ware. My seahorses design is also new - I love this one as a beach towel! I added some new products to existing designs too - you'll now find horses and rabbits on mugs and budgies on wall clocks!
Until 7th August you can get FREE Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING + 10% off art prints, framed prints and clocks via this link:

Society6 surface designs - mugs, clocks, cushions, butterfly, rabbits, horses and seahorses by Hazel Fisher Creations

Monday, 25 July 2016

Positive Thinking - Nothing is Impossible

Positive Thinking - Nothing is impossible the word itself says I'm possible, hand lettering by Hazel Fisher Creations
I'm still enjoying using rainbow colours at the moment, which you can probably tell from this colourful piece of hand lettering! It's my latest post in my 'Positive Thinking' series. I like this Audrey Hepburn quote - it's a fun play on words and a good, positive reminder to keep trying - "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!".